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The products that you find on Ancient Magic’s Web page: ( cannot be found anywhere except there. The quality and purity of materials used to make these products are far above other products that you see else where.

         Joe Haney


The soaps are very enjoyable and were a hit with our daughters. We're using the creams over time, and letting them last. They really go in deep and help the skin!

     Al Powell


We like what your products do for dry skin..... The soap is wonderful. So glad we tried your samples

  Ruth McVay


10 years ago, my wife and I were in a horrible auto accident in which my feet were severely injured. I had to walk first with a crutch and then a cane, but could not stand or walk very far even after 10 years. I suffered extreme pain in my feet. Until I met Jamie & Dennis who own Ancient Magic. They got me to try their Therapy oil and creams. Within a month of using their products, I have now have no pain and can walk without a cane now, thanks to their natural Emu Oil products.

         Gene Ogle


I enjoy using your products and find them beneficial. Keep up the good work.

       Eugene Kester


I have Fibromyalgia and have not found anything to relieve my pain besides large amounts of prescription medicines, until I was given a sample of the Emu MSM Cream that Ancient Magic makes. Now I do not have to use as many pain medicines when I use the Emu MSM Cream.

         Julie Johnson


My wife has Parkinson’s disease and suffers severe pain.  We were given a sample of Emu MSM Cream made by Ancient Magic by Donald Lindeman, M.D. recently.  The Emu MSM Cream helps relieve my wife’s chronic pain and we continue to buy it in large quantities.

         Veryl Gotham


I have had back surgeries and continue to have severe back pain (caused by muscle spasms) at times.  Instead of having to use large doses of prescription pain medication, my spasms are calmed, giving me relief from the pain with the use of Magic Stuff made by Ancient Magic.

            Hannah Dahlke


My feet were red with bumps and very painful until I tried Emu MSM Cream by Ancient Magic.  Now my feet look and feel normal again.

                Don Lindeman, M.D.


My dental hygienist has not been very happy with how my gums look when I go in for my teeth cleaning.  Then I started using Floss in a Bottle when I brush my teeth.  I recently went into my dentist for my 6 month cleaning.  My dental hygienist looked at my gums and asked me what I had been doing, since my gums looked so good.  I told her about the Floss in a Bottle that I use.  She told me that if my gums look that good, then she was going to have to get some Floss in a Bottle for herself.  I have now gotten my dental hygienist hook on the Magic Stuff for her pain.

             Dona Dahl


I fell down in my own driveway a week ago and really bruised by bum foot (broken up in an auto accident many years ago)  It was injured bad enough that I had to use crutches to get around.  But I started using Emu MSM Cream with Glucosamine made by Ancient Magic, on it and that healed my foot enough to start using a cane in ONLY 3 days!  Kept using the cream and was able to get rid of the cane in only 8 days so I am nearly normal again.  Gene Ogle (4/6/02)


I have Fibromyalgia and had been bed bound and wheelchair bound for years because of my condition, until I started using Emu MSM Cream.  Now I can walk using only a cane for balance and I am able to go out onto my porch and balcony at my home.  I also love their soap and use it to shampoo my hair as well as wash my body.  I also use the Natural Therapy oil for all kinds of conditions.  They have now introduced me to their new product, Magic Stuff and now I sleep through the night without my pain pills.  I tell others to use Emu oil products for just about any condition.  Lucille Craig (5/2002 and 5/2004)


To Whom it May Concern,

I have used two products mad by Ancient Magic for the last two years with great success.  The Floss in a Bottle has helped my gums and my dentist has been impressed with my steady improvement of my gums.  The other product I use is Emu MSM Glucosamine Cream on my knees.  I have been practically painless for the last two years, by using Emu MSM Glucosamine Cream at least once a day.  I do and would recommend these products to my family and friends.  Dick Jessen (10/26/2002)


I ended up with an avulsion fracture (tendon pulls off the bone and takes bone piece with it), on July 2, 2003.  I was put in a boot to stabilize my ankle.  Doctors told me that I would be in the boot for a minimum of 12+ weeks.  By using the Emu MSM Glucosamine Cream (made by Ancient Magic)  several times per day, I had my ankle healed in 6 weeks!               Jamie Dahlke 9/20/2003


I met Dennis and Jamie, who own Ancient Magic, this year on top of a mountain while looking for the elusive huckleberry.  While Dennis and I were talking hunting, I told him about my arthritis and that I had run a rod through my thigh in the past.  I was living with pain all the time and not being able to sleep through the night.  They gave me a jar of the Emu MSM Glucosamine cream along with some literature about the products.  I thought they were “snake oil” sellers until I tried the cream that night, and slept through the night!  I am now down to 1/3 of my pain medication and I buy a 4 ounce Emu MSM Glucosamine Cream from Ancient Magic about every 10-12 days.  I have also gotten my brother using their cream.  Their products really work like they say.      Dave Carlson 11/03        Dennis and Jamie have now introduced me to their newest product, Magic Stuff and it works twice as good for pain as their Emu MSM Glucosamine Cream.  Dave Carlson 04/04


I am retired and I have no cartlidge in my knees.  The pain was so bad and I tried everything I could find to help the pain but killing myself seemed like my only solution.  Then my daughter gave me Magic Stuff that she bought from Ancient Magic for me to try.  I now have a wonderful life again with using the Magic Stuff, my pain is much less and now is tolerable.  I have told my doctor about the miracle Magic Stuff is and he is interested in introducing some of his other patients to the great cream.     Gwen Watchinski   02/01/05


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