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   We learned about the benefits of emu oil in 1992.  At that time we bought 10 young

emus for $10,000.  In 1993 the emu market rose, but like the stock market it bottomed out in 1996.  However, the emu that has been around for 80 million years, had not changed.  Emu oil continued to be very healing and penetrating, very akin to our own oils in our body.  At that time there were very few companies making emu oil products.  So we decided to make emu oil products.


We decided to begin with our Castile soaps, using emu oil.  It took us a year to invent the recipe that we wanted to use.  ( we sell the soaps only at the shows, when they are available)  From that point on, we have continued our research and creativity to develop many emu oil products that help pain, heal damaged skin, moisturize, etc.  We continue to improved our emu oil products as we learn about other natural ingredients that will enhance our products.


You can be assured that all or our emu oil products are carefully researched and made from the best natural ingredients available.

 You can contact us at: or call us at: (509) 467-6900.


 You can learn how our products help others on our testimonial page.  Our emu oil products are natural and help relieve pain and chapped lips. 

 We also sell other products such as Floss in a Bottle, Natural Therapy Oils, Lotions, and soaps.  Check for availability.

  Watch our site for new products that we will occasionally be adding.

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